blood and fire book 7

Rokvor is a land filled with magic and diversity. For thousands of years, the people who call it home have been free to live, love, and war among themselves safe behind the protection of a magical barrier in the ocean that separated it from the rest of the world.

Now, that barrier is gone and the Urazin Empire has come to swallow Rokvor and all the riches it holds, as it has done with so many lands before. The people of Rokvor have never faced a force like Urazin before, with its endless numbers and brilliant tacticians. The only chance of standing against the might of the Empire is if Rokvor, splintered by internal conflict for centuries, finds a way to stand together.

Elora Verus Volates, the last heir of the fallen High Kings that once ruled Rokvor, understands this. She has done everything she can to bring Rokvor together. She’s fought against monsters and werewolves and soldiers. All for nothing, for she and her people were driven from their homes and buried alive in tunnels meant to be their escape.

Kaie Ironfist lived as a small part of one of Urazin’s armies for years. No one on Rokvor knows the threat they pose as well as he does. Without the authority Elora’s company lent to his voice, though, he is screaming into the wind. No one wants to listen to his warnings, let alone heed them. He’s cobbled together a small band of fighters, but they will never be enough to stand against what is coming, and he knows it. He even knows that trying, as he is determined they will do, is going to get each and every one of them killed.

With no force capable of standing against the army slipping into Rokvor, what chance does the land of magic and diversity have against the might of an empire that runs on persecution and slavery?