Blood and fire book 6

Elora has been ripped away from her friends and her family. She’s forced to flee to the one place in all of Rokvor a daughter of Sarah Verus Volates should never go. Anu, once home to the elves, was conquered by her mother’s murderer decades ago. Now, it is the only place she can go to hide from the deadly threat that stalks her.

Kaie, stranger in a land he’d thought nothing more than a story, has been captured by an enemy who’s only spoken about with hatred and fear throughout Rokvor: The Demon Queen. She will not rest until she has destroyed his mind and made his will her own.

Beaten, tortured, and overcome with despair, neither one of them knows how to do anything but survive for one more bleak and hopeless day.

Yet fate is not done with the Stone and the Catalyst. Worse than they have ever faced is coming for the both of them, as the mysterious monstrosities of the south begin stirring. They will have to find a way back to each other, to work together with those who have been enemies, and face nightmares they cannot even fathom if they, and Rokvor, have any hope of surviving the evil creeping ever northward.