Time is running out for the Rokvor.

Elora finally has an army to stand against Xterious and the Urazin Empire, one bigger than any seen on the face of Rokvor since the days of the High King. But, even as she draws people together, the population of her city is threatening to splinter apart. A traitor lurks among them, and is determined to destroy everything she’s built.

Kaie made a promise. And, when you make a promise to an immortal known as the God Slayer, you keep that promise. But to do that, he will have to confront a goddess and come to terms with what they did to him. To face the future, and the deal with the God Slayer, he will have to find some way to finally face his past.

Fate has brought them to this place. Prophesy has said they will battle Corruption itself. But Kosa is controlling things from the shadows, turning and destroying all the allies they’ve brought together. Will they finally find the strength to become the Catalyst and the Stone?