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Josin daughter of Urhavet was always meant for a life of comfort. She spent her days in the great city of Orsbiinek, tending the largest library in all Loak'Sorna, encompassed by the love of the sun-goddess Arisyar. When events (and her mother) conspired to get her sent out into the mysterious and intimidating 'Wilds' to take their faith to the barbarians of Asion, she found herself ill-prepared for the harsh life outside those walls. After the devastating events of that ill-fated venture, she assumed she and the Brothers protecting her were doomed to die. 

That would have been too easy.


December 22, 2016: chosen

Elora and Kaie will finally stand against the enemies they were fated to fight since long before they were born. With time run out, they will be forced into a fight they are not prepared for, against people they don't understand. All they will have to guide them are the few friends they've made along the way, and perhaps each other.


The Blood & Fire Saga will (finally!) conclude this winter!


Decemeber 26, 2016: Nemesis

The second (and final) Blood & Fire box!! This one will be books 5-8. It will also include a handful of shorts! As in stories. Not clothing. Because that would be weird.



JUNE 20, 2016: BOUND

Book 7 of the Blood & Fire Saga is finally here! Elora and Kaie both struggle against the growing storm. With few allies and even fewer resources, neither one of them is prepared to face down the Urazin Empire and the Southern monsters... Yet with all their enemies pressing in close, that's exactly what they're going to have to do!


JULY 15, 2016: children:
season 1 relaunch

Lyn has reworked and renamed the first season of Children of Arisyar. As of July 15th, it will be Children of the Sun. It will now, and continue to be going forward, only available as the complete season (though newsletter subscribers will get episodes for free!). That's not all that's changed! It's also undergone some heavy editing and, while the story of Josin and her Brothers' struggle to survive remains intact, some small tweaks have been made.



So here's the deal, guys. 2016 was one heck of a year. It's taken a lot out of everyone, Michelle and I included. We need a little bit of time to reevaluate and recharge. While I can pretty much guarantee we'll have a couple books up (Children of the Sun Season 3 for example...), our main focus is going to be building on what we've already done. This will include getting a new editor to review the B&F series and reworking this site, among other things. We've got big, BIG plans for the future of Rokvor (at least one new series), and there's a pretty fair chance we won't be able to put it off for a whole year, but I do not want to commit us to it yet. Or anything. Because, really, we need that recharge. Bad. So bear with us, please. If/when we are ready to commit (almost certainly when) to new books, we will update this page. Promise.